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Carriage museum Nymphenburg, second Nymphenschlitten king of Ludwig II, manufacturer: Johann Michael Mayer, Munich 1881 carriage cover from snow hare or Fehfellen?

Au petit trot s'en va le cheval avec ses grelots. Et le traîneau joyeusement dévale à travers les coteaux. - L. Anderson, M. Parish / adaptation fr : J. Plante. Louis D'Amours Cariole/Carriole horse-drawn sleigh

Here are some sleds used Wuttenberg preserved at the museum in Stuttgart.

Fanciful Viennese baroque sled, 1725-1789. The sculpted, clamshell-shaped, wooden body, is fixed firmly on skids fully gold plated (in Museum Wagenburg - a museum of carriages and vehicles used by the imperial household of the Austrian Empire). In 17th century Vienna 'race sledding' parades were special events. The imperial family & the nobility paraded through the main sites of the city. All were dressed in their finery. (4th of four pins)

chefs-d'œuvre faits à la main: Санкт-Петербург. Прекрасное в мелочах.An antique sled from St.Petersburg

The sled the skater dating from around 1720. Preserved museum of carriages Versailles This wooden box painted with patterns and winter landscape is decorated with a sculpture of a chimera, and interior trim are triton. The silk velvet is green-yellow.

Dating from 1700, is a polychrome wood sculpture depicting a winged horse with fish tail and on the arc a man of the sea (the masculine form of siren) The three symbolic of the earth and air of water are incorporated into this sled. The underside of the sled in 1800 and is much less ornate.

Sled preserved at the museum in Stuttgart. Oh.

This sled, of Dutch origin, dating from 1682 was used for walking and more generally for recreation. The exterior is decorated with ornaments carved and gilded. The paintings are inspired by traditional motifs of the Frisian town of "Hindelopen" The arms of the city of Hindelopen including the date 1682 is painted on the back of the sleigh.