Use a straw, a water bottle and a paper tube to make an instrument very much like a saxophone. Explore sound, vibration, and pitch in the Exploratorium Waterbottle Membranophone activity at

Drama Activity (from MAAD About the Arts! by Deidre Russell-Bowie): Have 2 teams, each with a blindfolded student. Allocate directions to particular instruments (e.g. forward- drum, turn right- tambourine). Have both teams try to use instruments to get their person to tag/catch the other. This can help students to practice the language and for students to think about sequences to reach a goal! DIY Bells/Tamborine

diy castagnettes

Make a Spin Drum | Crafts | Spoonful

Toilet paper roll Maracas

Where does water come from? Find out in this "What is Water Cycle?" Science Experiment

activité manuelle : fête de la musique : tambour

PVC Xylophone - This is such a fun idea for kid to play with music outdoors as a summer activity for kids!

Fabrication d’un didgeridoo | École primaire Bourgeoys-Champagnat

Duct Tape Drums | Journey Into Unschooling- If I ever have extra time, loads of extra duct tape and a reason to make a drum

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