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Gold ram’s head earring with two uraeii and the sun disc, rosette on the back. Nubian Napatan Period 550–500 B.C. Findspot: Meroe, Nubia, Sudan

Men's Gold Ram Head Pendant Enhancer, 18K GOLD - Konstantino

Gold of Ancient Panama...Gold Seahorse,circa 13AD Gilcrease Museum

Nubia, Sudan: the pyramids that pre-date the Egyptian pyramids . (Sudan - the black pharaohs by Retlaw Snellac, via Flickr)

Nubian girl carrying a cosmetic jar - Egypt (c. 1350 B.C.E.)

.Golden from King Tut's tomb

This is a beautiful gold and cloisonne treasury of the Necropolis Of Meroe. Egypt, ca 332-30 B.C.

Gold scarab. Middle Kingdom. Late 12th dynasty, 1980-1801 B.C. | Cleveland…

Africa | Nubian ivory bracelet from Kerma, Sudan | ca. 19th century

(Sudan) Gold Amulet of the head of Hathor. Nubian, Napatan period. ca 623 - 593 BCE.