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Quartzite sandstone naophorous statue of Sety II: seated on a throne, holding on his knees a shrine surmounted by a ram's head, emblem of the god Amun-Ra. Despite damage on the face of the ram and the head of the uraeus, this is one of the most complete sculptures from ancient Egypt. Culture/period - 19th Dynasty. Date: 1215 BC (circa). www.britishmuseum...

Head and Torso of a Statue of a Woman Seated

Face from coffin, detail. Carved gilded wood, depth, 7.5, cm, length, 16.6, cm, width, 11.9, cm. 1186 B.C. — 1069 B.C., Twentieth Dynasty.

Incomplete female head Period: Late Period–Ptolemaic Period Date: 400–200 B.C.

Cette sculpture "devrait" être la reine Tétishéri... ! (?) (Ttj Srj) En tout cas elle fut bien la grand-mère d'Ahmôsis I ! Le "vainqueur" des "faux amis", les Hyksos… Et fondateur de la 18e dynastie !

Head of Ptolemy II or III Period: Ptolemaic Period Reign: reign of Ptolemy III Euergetes I Date: 246–222 B.C. Geography: Egypt Medium: Black bronze

henri laurens - cariatide assise

Stelophorous Statue of Bay.reign of Seti I or later.This statuette depicts a kneeling man holding a stela inscribed with a hymn to the sun. An inscription on the back of the statuette identifies the man as Bay, who was a scribe working in the administration of the temple of Seti I, a post he probably held into the reign of Seti's son, Ramesses II.

Egypt, Tuna el-Gebel, Necropolis of Khmun (Hermopolis Magna): Cover of the wooden sarcophagus of Zedthotefankh (brother of Petosiris, the high priest of Thoth):...