REVIEW: Frank Lloyd Wright at the Milwaukee Art Museum: On the Broadacre City Model by Architect George Ranalli, the author writes: "A striking, plywood model of the “The Living City” made by architect George Ranalli and an animation created by graduate students at Harvard University make all the difference here. They enliven Wright’s vision."

A. M. Johnson Desert Compound - Frank Lloyd Wright: Designs for an American Landscape, 1922-1932 | Exhibitions - Library of Congress

Eva Kouadio : Expérimentations autour d’un volume pavillonnaire

Carlo Scarpa Study Model by George Ranalli, Architect based on access to the Scarpa family archive and to repositories of Scarpa’s work at museums in Verona, Venice, and Palermo.

"...A revolutionary approach to the relationship between building and landscape, which shaped them together according to peculiarly American ideals can be found in in five unbuilt, visionary projects of Frank Lloyd Wright between 1922-1932 that imagined a new American landscape, integrating terrain, architecture, and the automobile on a vast scale. Architect George Ranalli reconstructed analytic models of each project showing how it might have looked in its site..."

Grafton Architects Lecture in Florence » Architecture as New Geography

Art Nouveau ~ Nancy

Architect George Ranalli's 3D hypothetical study model of Frank Lloyd Wright's unrealized vision of The Living City has traveled in several museum exhibitions worldwide.

art nouveau / valencia

Detail of model architect George Ranalli with model makers Price Harrison and Fran Leadon created for travel exhibition 'Frank Lloyd Wright: The Living City' (Broadacre City), Vitra Design Museum, Berlin, July 14 – October 14, 2001

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