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The History Place - World War I Timeline - 1918 - Artillery Shell Burst

Soldats canadiens nettoyant une route près de Cambrai, 1918.

This is the youngest soldier in World War I. Momčilo Gavrić lived in Serbia at the outbreak of the war. In 1916, Austro-Hungarian soldiers killed his father, mother, grandmother, his three sisters, and four of his brothers. After hearing what had happened, the major accepted Momčilo into the unit and assigned him to a soldier. That night, Momčilo showed the major where the Austro-Hungarian soldiers were and helped bombard them. At ten, he was promoted to Corporal and at eleven to Lance…

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Dinge en Goete (Things and Stuff): This Day in World War 1 History: AUGUST 24, 1914 : POET ALAN SEEGER VOLUNTEERS IN FRENCH ARMY

A Poilu wearing a sheepskin jerkin, stands in a shelter made of sandbags. Nieuwpoort,Belgium, c 1915. -WW1 colorized photos - Album by gilber on Imgur

The Most Powerful Images Of World War I

Friday 1 July 2016 marks the centenary of the beginning of the Battle of the Somme, the biggest conflict seen on the Western Front during World War I. Here are some of the most arresting photos fro...

World War I in Photos: Aerial Warfare

The bombarded barracks at Ypres, viewed from 500 ft. (Australian official photographs/State Library of New South Wales)