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Cardamom Rice Pudding - Ayurveda

Vata Pacifying Breakfast Rice Recipe

Voici comment faire du ghi (ghee) à la maison en 30 minutes.

Rice Pudding-Vata, Pitta and Kapha:

Apple curd - fall recipe

Hot Cereal with Raisins. This breakfast offers just the right touch of sweet, sour, and salty.

Chocolate, mango and coriander tarts

Discover nature's comfort food in a warm bowl of Apple Sauce with Ginger & Ghee. Snuggling up with a blanket and applesauce is all you need to soften and sweeten your mood. Applesauce takes you back to the innocence and simplicity of childhood. Warming ghee smoothes and soothes your nerves. A warm bowl of spiced apple sauce with ghee and a sprinkle of sugar is the ideal after-school (or...

Fondant au chocolat "tuerie"

Texas Hash - A quick one-skillet meal the whole family will love! Made with ground beef, peppers, rice, tomatoes and chili powder.

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