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Entrance of the temple in Tamba, Japan. i've always wanted to see a view like this.

Ema 絵馬, a wooden tablet on which to write one's wishes: "Gambaro Tohoku (from 311)" on this particular one.

Snow garden at Myoman-ji temple, Kyoto, Japan 妙満寺 京都

Kyoto - Saiho-ji (西芳寺) Temple - more than 120 kinds of moss. Visiting requires writing to the temple specifying the preferred date of visit. The temple then replies with an allocated time. On the day of the visit, each visitor must partake in a Zen ceremony, which involves copying sutras in Chinese characters using a caligraphy brush and hand-ground ink. The garden grounds are in impeccable condition.

Omikuji - random fortunes written on strips of paper at Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples in Japan