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El bonaerense - Pablo Trapero 2002 -- "A young locksmith is sent by his boss to assist in a robbery. He is arrested but his uncle, an ex-police chief, bails him out & arranges for him to join the Buenos Aires police force. Now a cop, he finds himself drawn into a world of corruption."

Cama adentro [Live-in Maid] - Jorge Gaggero 2004 -- "When Buenos Aires is plunged into an economic meltdown, Bebe faces crises and is unable to pay her longtime maid, Dora. The two realize that in order to survive, they must put aside their class resentments."

Pelo Malo [Cheveux rebelles] - Mariana Rondón 2013 -- "Junior a 9 ans. Il vit à Caracas avec sa mère & son frère de 2 ans. Junior a les cheveux frisés de son père. Il voudrait avoir les cheveux lisses de sa mère. Junior adore chanter, danser avec sa grand-mère & se coiffer devant la glace. Mais pour sa mère, Junior est l'homme de la famille. C'est comme ça qu'elle l'aime..."

XXY - Lucia Puenzo 2008 -- "The dramatic story of a 15-year-old hermaphrodite, born with what the doctors call 'ambiguous genitalia,' whose parents moved from Buenos Aires to an isolated cabin outside of Piriápolis, Uruguay, to protect their child from prejudice."

El Violín [Le violon] - Francisco Vargas 2005 -- "Don, son fils et son petit-fils vivent une double vie: musiciens et paysans, ils participent à la guérilla campesina dont l'objectif est de s’opposer au gouvernement. L'armée attaque et tandis que la guérilla prépare une contre-attaque, Don a son propre plan…"

Días de gracia [Days of Grace] - Everardo Gout 2011 -- "Corruption, kidnapping & vigilante justice fuel this explosive debut by Mexican filmmaker Everardo Gout. Set in Mexico City during 3 consecutive World Cup tournaments, 3 lives impacted by kidnappings, intersect."

Vivir es fácil con los ojos cerrados [Living is Easy with Eyes Closed] - David Trueba 2013 -- "Spain, 1966: Antonio is a teacher & a Beatles fan, facets he combines by getting his pupils to recite the lyrics from Help in English class. When he learns that his idol John Lennon is making a film in Almeria, he resolves to meet him. On the journey he picks up 2 young runaways: Bethlehem, a pregnant girl fleeing a convent & Juanjo, a boy escaping a dictatorial father."

Flores de otro mundo [Flowers from Another World] - Icíar Bollaín 1999 -- "A group of young women take a bus trip to a remote Spanish village overwhelmingly populated by men. The women dream of a better life while the men ache with more romantic yearnings."

Amores Perros [Amours chiennes] - Alejandro González Iñárritu 2000 -- "Trois vies se trouvent inextricablement liées à la suite d'un terrible accident d'auto."

Salvajes [Savages] - Carlos Molinero 2001 -- "Valencia: Berta, guardian of her deceased sister's children, finds love with a police inspector. But the relationship is tried when her niece falls in love with a man who smuggles Africans into Europe & her nephews are skinheads."