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Charley Harper - Limp on a Limb

Les chats vu par l'artiste El Gato Gomez - BONHEUR DE LIRE

charley3 Really COOL- remember the story of the witch with the red hood who got turned into the woodpecker???

Quailsafe - Quails have their own home security system. It works on a proximity fuse with a mighty short countdown as they sack out in a covey-dovey of sentries -tails together, heads out, all systems GO. One step too close it’s cardiac arrest as the bob-white bomb explodes in a nerve­ shattering, whirring-blurring of wings, rocketing into orbits around all the points of the compass. Many a menace is outfoxed by the blitz of their blastoff. It’s enough to make the stoutest heart quail.

Ranger Rick Nature Magazine May/June 1971 Illustration by Charles Harper