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OMG!! "She's back"! Via Mark Isham's facebook

Jennifer Morrison on the set of Once Upon A Time - April 02, 2014

“One of my favorite things is when Regina says, ‘Everyone thinks I’m the Evil Queen. Let me die as Regina,’” Kitsis says of the season finale. “This is before they took her son, so right now, on that ship, she’ll do whatever it takes to get her son back. If that means Regina is required, she’ll be Regina, but if that means the Evil Queen is required, watch out.” - Eddy Kitsis, TV Guide

Regina Mills (& #EvilQueen) #OnceUponATime

Once...a Queen

Robin and Zelena - 4 * 21 - 22 “Operation Mongoose Part 1 and 2” #WeddingOfTheSeason #MarianandSheriffofNottingham

Evil Queen & Charming episode 10 still.

Snowing edit - by frenchevilregal on Tumblr