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concept character male human mage wizard elite poor cloth staff orb mist night town tower

Mage Concept, Jason Nguyen on ArtStation at

Most anti-paladins are abducted as children after a raid. Those that survive the ordeal of childhood in an anti-paladin order are typically so warped by the experience that the title of anti-paladin has an appeal that they cannot deny. Many take their ascension to anti-paladinhood with pride bordering on hubris, and some are outright insane. Some anti-paladins who hail from particularly corrupt societies are forced into an anti-paladin order by their parents to maintain the family…

Digital art selected for the Daily Inspiration #2357

Artist : Bengiskhan Plus

Arcana by armandeo64 on DeviantArt

Illustration de Alex Garner

Steelplate - Holy Champion by Alex Garner

leather by yangzheyy on DeviantArt

Briton by Marko-Djurdjevic

Trickster — tabletopresources: Winter coat by inSOLense ...