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Vampyroteuthis infernalis in The Cephalopoda by Carl Chun, 1903 In belated honour of Squidmas, here’s a post about one of the more unusual cephalopods: the one whose name means, literally, “the vampire squid from hell”. Vampyroteuthis isn’t actually a squid. It’s the last remaining species of a most extinct family related to both squid and octopi. In addition to its webbed arms, features unique to the vampire squid include (mostly harmless) spines on the arms and ...

Le conchyliologiste universel, ou, Figures des coquilles jusqu'à présent inconnues recueillies en divers voyages a la mer du sud depuis l'année 1764 / - Biodiversity Heritage Library

Baleine and Baleinoptere. Histoire naturelle des cétacées T.1 Paris :Didot,1809 Biodiversitylibrary. Biodivlibrary. BHL. Biodiversity Heritage Library

Passiflora quadrangularis decaisneana. Flore des serres et des jardins de l'Europe v.8 (1852-53). A Gand :chez Louis van Houtte, éditeur,1845-1880.

Le Lion d'Or ou Vinaigre des Sages, Goossen Van Vreeswijk, 1675

a popular history of british sea-weeds. 1851