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Miniature glass dog from a Celtic burial (#31) at Wallertheim, (Rhineland) Germany

Sword, mid-1st century b.c.; Late Iron Age (La Tène) Celtic, Iron blade, copper alloy hilt and scabbard

Decorated Celtic pot, Saint-Pol-de-Léon, France, 4th century BC

Celtic Princess or Priestess in Germany | Jewels found in the tomb of a princess in Germany

Celtic Bronze Chariot Rein Guide, 200 BC to 100 BC Europe : The British Antique Dealers' Association

Iron age celtic glass beads

Germany Celtic Princess Tomb | ... Celtic La Tene 'female' tomb in Waldalgesheim near Mainz, Germany

Celtic Goddess, Epona

Deer Sculpture One of the two scultpures of a deer being attacked by dogs in the garden of the Casa dei Cervi in Herculaneum. The Casa dei Cervi (House of the Deer or House of the Stags) is the grandest of the mansions so far excavated in Herculaneum. Its two storeys contain numerous frescoes and used to look out over the sea front.