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make-up-is-an-art: “ Thairine Garcia by Nicole Heiniger for Trailer Brasil Magazine ”

Damn right. Why d9 y9u think I warn pe9ple 6ef9rehand t9 tag their triggers?

All the kids have 4 letter names and the trolls 6 gcat includes all the bases in nucleotides paired up the trolls are bases off insects it alluded without mutation karkat and kankri would be lime bloods

KANKRI YOU'RE SO HOT *is actually in real life making loud screeching noises*

Dancestors photoset, part 1Kankri Aranea Meulin Latula Mituna Kurloz PART 2

kaNKRI NO<<<kaNKRI YES<<<no. He can't be emo or else no more trigger warnings D: <<<no one Likes trigger warnings. Maybe this change will make him talk less.<<<NO. ITS AWESOME WHEN HE TALKS A LOT.<<<no<<<yes

karkat vantas flower crown signless vantas kankri vantas vantascest sorry sorry sorry hope's doodles sorry i havent posted much lately ive been kinda sad just tagging that for my blog yo i need organization