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Ernest Hemingway

GERTRUDE STEIN, QUANDO PARIS ERA UMA FESTA por helena vasconcelos / são paulo

Alice B. Toklas & Gertrude Stein - “You will write if you will write without thinking of the result in terms of a result, but think of the writing in terms of discovery, which is to say that creation must take place between the pen and the paper, not before in a thought or afterwards in a recasting... It will come if it is there and if you will let it come.” ~Stein

Des portraits de criminels australiens dans les années 1920

photo police sydney australie mugshot 1920 04 Portraits de criminels australiens dans les années 1920 photo photographie histoire featured ...

The Murphys with the Hemingways, with Pauline Pfieffer sitting between Sara and Ernest. Hemingway soon left Hadley for Pauline.

Hemingway & Gelhorn. A grand love story.

Antonin Artaud, 1926. Photograph: Man Ray,