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1938 - DC-4E by x-ray delta one on Flickr (cc)

Douglas DC-3(A) aircraft picture

1932 - Boeing B-9 bomber earliest plane based on Monomail design.Speed of 186mph could outrun fighters of the day by 5 mph.Reached this speed although it had 5-person crew & carried 2,400-pound bomb load. Boeing built YB-9 prototype bombers at company expense to show design potential to the military.Inspired other airplane manufacturers to launch a new generation of bombers,like Martin B-10.Because fighters were expected to be faster than bombers,B-9 also led to 1st monoplane fighters.

Pan American World Airways Lockheed 049 Constellation Clipper Southern Cross at San Francisco Airport c. 1946


Lockheed C-69 Constellation (L-049) ~ The ninth C-69 for the USAAF first flew on 19 April 1945. It is seen over the Sierra Nevada wearing its c/n on either side of its nose. To Howard Hughes as N67901 in 1946 and TWA as L-049 N90830 in November 1948. From Lockheed 60 years ago.

Leduc Ramjet

Twin Engine King Air

Rendez View by www.zeutch.com

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