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Bring it on economic and social demise!

SWORD (YATAGAN) WITH SCABBARD, 18th century. Turkish. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. The Collection of Giovanni P. Morosini, presented by his daughter, Giulia, 1932 (32.75.261a, b) #sword

Disons nous que nous sommes tous fou, cela expliquera bien des mystères humains et cela résoudra bien des énigmes.

Principes,Épées,Combat,Couteaux,Feuilles,Blade Usage,Ruben I Blanco,Armor Weapons,Iaido

Kydex Sheath Horizontal Vertical Carry

The Samurai Armor #Japan #Culture #Art

Description of a katana sword, a weapon that plays a part in my SIGN OF THE DRAGON, set in Seattle's Underground (below the city's old Japan Town),1941. Before the Internment, Seattle's Japan Town was five times larger than its Chinatown. Little of it remains today.

The original classical pronunciation is Chiburui (see note). Nowadays some people especially the younger generation say Chiburi. Both are acceptable in Iaido. However Oe Sensei always used the term Chiburui For this reason I shall use this pronunciation. Chiburui is the action which shakes the blood off the blade before putting it back in the Saya. In Seiza forms Chiburui movements are remarkably large and industrious.

Cette image d'un ancien samouraï aurait été prise quelques années après que le samouraï a été supprimé au Japon. Dans les années 1870

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