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Mondays Are Horrible, So I Illustrate Cute Celebrity Puns

The Real Meaning Of Things We Say

If in doubt, hedgehug it out!

April Fools Day.... Tooo funny huh !!??.. I am not sure if too many would find this as a joke !!?... But hey all in fun !!,.. This day is for fun fun fun ??!!... Now eat your milk and drink you egg Mc Muffin !!??... Lol lol Oooooooooo. : c )

Dad Jokes Illustrated By ‘Shitty Watercolour’ Artist

IFFTS #190 : +300 photos ! - Page 6 sur 7

Why Cats Rule the Internet Instead of Dogs

Aren T Chiens,Bub Lil,Chat Persan,L'Internet,Cat Nyan,Cats Rule

It’s Friday F*** This Shit (IFFTS) #178 - Page 2 sur 5

picdump france 161

Artist Shows What It’s Like To Be A Woman In Her Comic Diary (16+ Pics)

Keren Rosen Illustrates Classic Idioms in a Literal and Whimsical Way

Illustrations Intelligents,Calembours Idiomes,Bom Humour,Mur,Yeux Voient,Il Faut Choisir,Illustrated Literal,Proverbs Illustrated,Idioms Illustrated