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My abstract family crest sleeve, so far. Done by Johnny Mac at Tinta Cantina in Albuquerque, NM. That's fucking sick Trash polka is the style. Man, I'm pretty pedantic, but you take the cake. Thi...

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Niko Inko Suite d'un tattoo de Deexen Tattooing. plus tard...Tadaaaaaaaa Lecture, ecriture, Jules Verne, Dostoïevsky, extraits du Parfum de Suskind et du Jeu.

I've been thinking about getting an ocean or pirate themed sleeve. I love the ocean and I love pirates :P

tatouage Mandala Dotwork

i like the one with letters and crosses. the site has animal and font clip art

25 Great Inspirational Quotes

"Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable" .... possibly public libraries should do the same.

//: @Shannonleannee ~*❀*~

work by Musa at Tribo Tattoo, Praque.