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Object To Be Destroyed by Man Ray is another example of a regular object  modified slightly to change it into an artwork. Here, a metronome has a cutout of an eye attached with a paper clip to it's swinging arm.
Marcel Duchamp, La Fontaine
The Last Supper. Tintoretto. Oil on Canvas. 16th C Italy.  Tintoretto has a way of using intense colours, interesting perspective and lighting illusions to portray scenes that are absolutely beautiful.
Le chez-soi du 1er fan de ce board-blog 'Voyons' ! D'après Ophthalmologists’ sign boards in Tainan photographed by Wang Shuangquan, 1962
Man Ray and Marcel Duchamp
Guiseppe Colarusso

Top 25 des objets du quotidien les plus étranges créés par Giuseppe Colarusso

Nic Aluf. Portrait of Sophie Taeuber with Dada head, 1920. Gelatin silver print, 20.9 x 16.6 cm. Galerie Berinson, Berlin © Estate of Nic Aluf

Long live Dada