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Coast garter snake, Thamnophis elegans terrestris, Monterey Bay, California

Flower Hat Jelly, California ©Frans Lanting,

Frans Lanting - Sea otter, Enhydra lutris, Monterey Bay, California

Redwoods in fog, Monterey Bay, California, by #Frans_Lanting

© Frans Lanting - Flower Hat jelly, Olindias formosa, Monterey Bay Aquarium, California

Western gull feather, Larus occidentalis, Monterey Bay, California Frans Lanting Studio. One of photography's "greats."

Winter sunset, Monterey Bay, California Copyright © Frans Lanting / Frans Lanting Stock

Frans Lanting: Photos that give voice to the animal kingdom

Frans Lanting - Redwoods in evening fog, Sequoia sempervirens, Monterey Bay, California

©Frans Lanting/plainpicture - The Flower Hat Jelly (Olindias formosa) is a species of jellyfish occurring in the West Pacific off southern Japan. Characterized by lustrous tentacles that coil and adhere to its rim when not in use, the flower hat jelly's bell is translucent and pinstriped with opaque bands, making it easily recognizable.