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Le Docteur au ballon et nœud papillon

ksc DOCTOR: Why? Why would I give her my screwdriver? Why would I do that? Thing is, future me had years to think about it, all those years to think of a way to save her, and what he did was give her a screwdriver. Why would I do that? (Because it also contains a neural relay, which has two green lights on it.) Oh! Oh! Oh, look at that. I'm very good!// DONNA: What have you done?// DOCTOR: Saved her. ☺♥♥

This time last year I was preparing for a wonderful exhibition called the Poetry of Animals with Rowena Scotney Feltings at Morvah Schoolhouse This painting of the Grey Seal was partly inspired but this wonderful poem byt Mary Oliver and partly by living near a large colony of Grey Seals <3 "The Return" When I went back to the sea it wasnt waiting. Neither had it gone away. All its musics were safe and sound; the circling gulls were still a commonplace the fluted shells rolled on the shore…

But, if you are chronically ill or suffering it isn’t a compliment. And I don’t know why because I don’t want to look sick. Truth be told I have said this before to some sufferers. I imagine this topic could’ve been a toss up; I mean if you said, “OH MY GOSH! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU??? YOU LOOK LIKE YOU MIGHT DIE!” I might unleash a little snark on you. But, “You don’t look sick?” has an accusatory tone. Like, “You seem fine? What are you whining about?” I do have an autoimmune disease…

Teddy Ruxpin is coming back and he's got emoji-like eyes - CNET Enlarge Image The new Teddy Ruxpin is coming in 2017. Wicked Cool Toys Oh sure kids of today laugh at our 1980s innovations. Just because Frogger on the Atari 2600 looks like it was drawn by a kindergartner and we actually watched Manimal todays Gen Zs think we were all loons. Well theyre right and theyre about to find out just how right…

Day 231 (25/July/2013): Boys and Girls, I have been very bad at uploading my song for the day. So here are some simply brilliant theme tunes from the 70's and 80's to pep up your day. We start with one of the greatest, Magnum PI. Oh the memories.....enjoy!!

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Ramsay Bolton on

Game of Thrones: look at your life, look at your choices.

"At home, we didn't live by the sound of a beating drum, we danced to it. We were swept away in the ocean and it's splendor, never once thinking that life could be lived any differently. We would spin and swirl and glide and dive through the ocean's layers and sang songs of the deep that echoed in our hearts. We were so naive. Oh so wonderfully naive." -Alexis Mellark