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... For Jeremiah... Though he is not my child, knowing that little boy even for a short while will ALWAYS make me an advocate for him and many others like him.

A child with #autism is not ignoring you, they are simply waiting for you to enter their world.

When does this end. Don't we all grow up and just want real friends. Fuck I'm tired of trying to find true friends that care about me as much as I care for them

Sometimes, real superheroes live in the hearts of small children fighting big battles. #autism #asd #specialneeds

Yes! Some of these other quotes worry me because it makes ladies think that they can't get out of a bad relationship because they are "giving up". You should give up on a bad relationship!!!! Know what your worth and don't allow someone to treat you any less...

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Yes to this. Close doors that no longer lead somewhere. They no longer lead anywhere but to pure emptiness.