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Uniformes Militaires,2Ème Guerre Mondiale,Dirigeants Nazi,Nazi Leaders

Obergruppenfuhrer Dr. Ing Hans Friedrich Karl Franz Kammler

Prise de pouvoir d'Adolf Hitler en 1933

■ The commander of the 5 SS Panzer Division Wiking,Standartenführer Johannes-Rudolf Mühlenkamp with a fox terrier in Kovel. September,1944

LCL Guillaume DUJON

R. Walther Darré Reich Minister for Nutrition and Agriculture and the Myth of Blut & Boden-To accomplish this, Darré issued the Hereditary Farm Law in 1933, which had the purpose of preventing foreclosure on or the sale of farmland-at the expense of the peasant farmers` liberty. This "law" established that only Aryan Germans who could prove the purity of their bloodline back to 1800 could own a farm.

Joseph Goebbels with Albert Speer and Eva Braun, Berghof

Robert Ritter von Greim (1892 – 1945) was a German Field Marshal, pilot, army officer, and the last commander of the Luftwaffe during WW2. On 4/26/45, von Greim flew into Berlin and presented himself to Hitler. He was promoted field marshal and given command of the (non-existent) Luftwaffe after Hitler had dismissed Goering as a traitor. After the end of the war, von Greim was arrested and, fearing that the US would surrender him to the Russians, he committed suicide on 5/24/1945.

Hitler's Sugar Obsession Recalled In New Bio - https://www.warhistoryonline.com/war-articles/hitlers-sugar-obsession-recalled-new-bio.html

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