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"Not only will online education eventually be as good as offline education, it will be better." / Illustration: Zara Picken



samuel ribeyron

“ Zara Picken On Tumblr "

Dan Page, editorial illustration depicting pedestrian deaths. Minimal manipulation of the shape of one line implies a coffin, reinforced by the placement of the rose – the red rose draws our eye immediately to this point in the composition so we instantly read the visual metaphor.

Zara Picken Illustration Portfolio Part V by Zara Picken, via Behance

Puzzle poster from French children's magazine, Georges. Find all the kids hidden in the image.

Dan Page's editorial illustration for The Washington Post article 'How the Future Will Judge Us'. The illustration implies we have the 'blood' of the world on our hands – the simple colour palette makes us immediately read the pale hands cradling the face (shame/despair) and then the red stain as a globe. Combining a well known idiom (blood on your hands) with the visual cues of a globe and a person in despair communicate the complex message clearly.

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