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Megalodon is an extinct species of shark that lived approximately 28 to 1.5 million years ago, during the Cenozoic Era. The taxonomic assignment of C. megalodon has been debated for nearly a century, and is still under dispute.

The Miocene epoch (23.03 to 5.332 million years ago) boasted a real life sea monster, Carcharocles megalodon. Whereas the giant shark mainly inhabited the open ocean, this image depicts a hypothetical encounter with a swimming Platybelodon, a prehistoric mammal related to the elephant. The bones of these elephantids sometimes show evidence of attack by sharks.

Puerto Rico/ beautiful colors!

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Les 30 photos qu’ils ont déclenchées au parfait moment

Photo illusion d'optique : Ce requin est prêt à dévorer l'oiseau

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Florida Museum of Natural History

Megalodon: Largest Shark that Ever Lived: One of the exhibit's most popular modules-a series of four Megalodon jaws from 30 to 60-foot-long sharks is a perfect backdrop for family photos.

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creatures-alive: King of the Valley 2 by... - balbuzart

"King of The Valley II." (Photo By: Vittorio Morletto.)

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15 magnifiques photos à la gloire de l'orque, reine des océans

15 magnifiques photos à la gloire de l'orque, reine des océans | Buzzly Plus