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1943/1963: Alex Tremulis' Gyronaut LBJ200 was to be a high-speed intercity transport with a cruising speed of 200 miles per hour. Twenty years prior, Tremulis' 1943 locomotive streamliner was similarly predicting the future. In 1964, it would be the Gyronaut X-1 that would be realized from Tremulis' dreams of yesterday's tomorrows... -

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The Future Of Transportation Used To Look So Much More Sensational

Illustrations from Aus dem schönen Echte Wagner Album Nr. 3, c. 1930

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Front cover of Popular Science Magazine: October 1, 1930

Front cover of Popular Science Magazine: October 1, 1930 Premium Poster at

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Ed Valigursky - This World Is Taboo, 1961. /The Science Fiction Gallery

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23 Amazing Soviet Visions For The Future of Transportation

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JOHN SCHOENHERR - art for The Martian Sphinx by Keith Woodcott - 1965 Ace Books

underwater hotel and cruise ship from the 1950s (a Russian concept)