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Coldplay - The Scientist Genius lyrics! I just want to draw them all!

Coldplay lyrics have always made me feel like an eternal stargazer... theirs are the songs that rock me in a world of magic...

Voici les paroles de ma direction de sexion d'assaut. C'est rien que pour vous alors n'hesitez pas a lacher des coms et des pouces verts svp

// maisieleblanc

The best love is the one that makes you a better person, without changing you into someone other than you.

Sad Songs That Will Actually Make You Feel Better

40+ sad songs to boost your mood. Really. I know a few of these and they are really sad but also really good

.and nobody said it'd be this hard. Are we singing here, people, or what?

Modern English - I Melt With You song lyrics, music, quotes