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Eucharistic Miracle of Sokółka: 10/12/2008 during Holy Communion a host fell on the floor, a woman mentioned it to Fr. Zdrodowski moved it in a vasculum in order to dissolve. S. Julia Dubowska, was the 1st witness of the Eucharistic miracle. She placed it into the safe with the other chalices & forgot about it. 10/19/2008, she opened the safe & saw the vasculum & the almost dissolved host in it, the host was shiny & lively, a red spot of blood appeared & the water bowl was transparent.

Two Saints and the Eucharist

Eucharistic Miracle of Saint-Christ-Briost, France 1979: A House that belonged to a priest had our Lord's statue in it. Miraculously a host appeared and also the bloody Passion wounds appeared on his head and hands. The priest reported what Jesus said during this supernatural event "Your days, more than ever, men are eager to see miracles, to hear what's new. And the most beautiful of all the miracles go unnoticed for many: it is my Eucharist..."

Cascia, Italy, Minor Basilica,1300's ~ the Eucharistic Miracle & remains of Blessed Simone Fidati. A certain priest had lost his respect for the Eucharist, and when going on a call to administer the Holy Sacraments to an ailing peasant, took a Consecrated Host & placed it irreverently between the pages of his breviary. When he opened the book, he saw that the Host had turned red with fresh blood & was impregnated with the two pages between which it had been placed. The priest sought out for…

Eucharistic Adoration | Chapelet en l'honneur du Saint Sacrement

Close up- Eucharistic Miracle of Asti 1718: While Fr. Francesco Scotto elevated the consecrated host, Dr. Ambrogio realized the Blessed Sacrament was divided into two Parts, he asked if he can get a new host for the priest. Meanwhile,while Fr. Scotto elevated the broken Host, he found two parts of it tainted with Blood. The bottom of the cup also had Blood,& little stains were on the same corporal. Ambrogio later arrived with the new host,he saw the Host was that was with Fr. Scotto was…

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Relic of the Miraculous Chalice from Eucharistic Miracle of Pressac 1643: A chalice in which a consecrated Host had been placed was completely fused after a fire in the parish church. The only thing remaining of the chalice was the foot of the chalice on which had formed a tin bubble under which the Host was found completely intact. The Miraculous Host was consumed the day after, but there are many documents which testify to this miracle still in existence today

Altar of Église Les Ulmes where the Eucharistic Miracle of Les Ulmes 1668: Celebrating Corpus Christi, the Blessed Sacrament was exposed for adoration. Fr. Nicolas Nezan,began to incense the monstrance. Then a shape of a man appeared in the monstrance in place of the Host. He appeared to have light brown hair that fell over his back,a luminous face,the hands crossed one over the other, the body covered by a white tunic. The Sacred Species was consumed during the French Revolution by the…