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At least 114 killed in #Nepal Magnitude 8.1 #earthquake: Interior Ministry A 'mega earthquake' is likely to strike the Himalayas this century, causing catastrophic landslides and floods and killing more than 40,000 people, Indian and US geologists have warned. Scientists from the National Geophysical Research Institute of India and Stanford University, United States, analysed the fault that separates the Asian and Indian continental plates.

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Nepal earthquake: rescue continues as death toll exceeds 2,500 – the day's updates

Please help the victims of Nepal earthquake. UNICEF & American Red Cross.

Carnet de Croquis - Inde - Nepal - Arnaud (2012-2013)

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Nepal, Before and After the Earthquake

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Kathmandu , Nepal, Himalayas, Everest

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Pictures of the year 2010: earthquakes, volcanoes and environmental disasters

A cavernous and almost perfectly round sinkhole swallowed an entire intersection in Guatemala City during a tropical storm. The hole is 66 feet across and plunges nearly 100 feet down. Geologists said that the circular shape suggested a cave formation underneath, but what exactly caused the sinkhole was still a mystery

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15 phénomènes naturels extraordinaires

Voici un phénomène géologique qui laisse perplexe. Comment des roches peuvent-elles se déplacer sur le sol lisse de la vallée de la Mort (Etats-Unis), sans intervention humaine ou animale, en laissant une longue trace derrière elle ? Les causes de cette bizarrerie observée en Californie constituent encore une énigme pour les scientifiques.

wonderful Nepal

Tectonic plate separation of Europe and North America in Thingvellir, Iceland ~ Thingvellir is or should be on the must visit list if you travel to Iceland. Absolutely gorgeous walking down that rift in the landscape, not really knowing from step to step if you are in Europe or N-America.. :) (Photography by mlkshk)