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5th Chasseurs a Cheval, Chasseur 1805

French chasseur à cheval (light cavalry), 1812.

French; 7th Light Infantry, Drummer(possibly of Chasseurs), 1809

French; Chasseur a Cheval, Officer by Pierre Albert Leroux

The Chasseurs a Cheval du Roi 1814/15. This was the title given to 1st Chasseurs a Cheval upon the brief restoration of the Monarchy whilst Napoleon was exiled on Elba

1st Chasseurs a Cheval Marechal De Logis 1805

French; Royal guard, Chasseurs a Cheval, Brigadier, Petite Tenue, 1815

French; 14th Chasseur a Cheval, Elite Co, Grand Tenue, 1812

Mounted Chasseur of the Young Guard-1815-Keith Rocco