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Golden Toad (1989) The golden toad is not the only species to disappear in the past 40 years, but it might just be the brightest. This fluorescent amphibian was found in the high-altitude ridges of Costa Rica, but thanks to pollution, global warming and fungal skin infections, the species became extinct in 1989.

à partir de National Geographic News

Photos: Ten Most Wanted "Extinct" Amphibians

Golden toad


Si tu ne trouves pas d'ami sage, prêt à cheminer avec toi, résolu, constant, marche seul, comme un roi après une conquête ou un éléphant dans la nature.

Sawfish... critically endangered species.....A strange-looking fish has snapped up a spot on the endangered species list. The smalltooth sawfish is the first U.S. marine fish to receive federal protection as an endangered species. @DeborahPerham

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