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Passengers are seen at London's airport boarding a BOAC de Havilland Comet jet, the first ever jet airliner, for the inaugural flight bound for Johannesburg on May 2, 1952.
Miss United States of America and Miss Poland, contestants in the 1958 Miss Universe pageant
Your flight attendant wore a girdle and had a weight limit.  Flying was an over-the-top luxury experience, and leggy, chatty "hostesses" were part of the show. One stewardess recalls her airline's rule that she wear high heels at all times -- only after takeoff could she switch to flatter shoes. Hair had to be short enough so as not to touch her collar. A flight attendant manual mandated that stewardesses be single, stay under 125 pounds, and maintain "high moral standards" during…

This Is What Your Flight Looked Like In The Fifties

The Comet prototype in BOAC livery.
10 Ways Flying Has Changed In The Last 60 Years

10 Ways Flying Has Changed In The Last 60 Years

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Campus protest, Berkeley, California, 1965 by Wayne Miller