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Book #2 The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole - Sue Townsend - Complete

hufflepuffprodigy: I’m so tired my mind is set on you “Is this a trick Granger?” he questioned starring in disbelief. “No tricks,” Hermione murmured as she fiddled with the time-turner. She was positive this would work; he would see the happy life he’d have – the family that’d care for him. He would turn away from Voldemort and embrace her help. “Why?” his eyes still following the family with uncertainty. “Because this could be ours,” she turned and caught his eye; she was shocked to see te

What Is Your Anger Type?

Numbed through pain You seem to shut down in situations that would arouse anger. It seems you go into a state of minor shock and your mind struggles to deal with the current situation. You are the kind of person bullies would get bored of. You're like a concrete stone on the outside, but on the inside... You are hurting more than they think.

SoftWalk shoes meld style and comfort though inspired, classic designs and a unique, shock-absorbing footbed that minimizes pain and fatigue often suffered from extended hours of walking or standing. It's a perfect combination of style and comfort for a SoftWalk woman who isn't willing to compromise.

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beforeaaronseyes: jessicaclark: I’m 28 soon, no longer a lost little girl in my twenties but a woman. Sometimes I forget I have tattoos all over my face and wonder why I am being stared at in public, then I remember. I get a lot of bad looks still, especially when I am with my son, but I just smile lovingly back at people and they usually looked shocked at my reaction. My tattoos are my scars, my life story etched deep into my skin, of happiness, death, pain, rebirth, growth, love…