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Soviet troops reaching Berlin, 23 April 1945.

IS-2 in Berlin. The Iosif Stalin tank (IS, in Cyrillic "ИС" tanks, meaning the Joseph Stalin tank) was a heavy tank developed by the Soviet Union during World War II and first used early in 1944.

In a photograph by Margaret Bourke-White immediate postwar German refugees and displaced persons crowd a train leaving Berlin. (1945)

US 4th Infantry Div. troopers and German Prisoners of War take cover from crossfire beneath an M10 tank buster somewhere in Germany, early 1945. (Colourised by Doug)

Soviet soldiers on the move during the Battle of Berlin, April 1945

Soviet troops manning a PTRD-41 anti-tank rifle taking cover next to a knocked out Pz.V 'Panther' tank during the battle of Kursk in the summer of 1943. The PTRD-41 rifle fires a 14.5mm round and was found to be largely ineffective against German armour. It was relegated to being used against softer targets such as trucks, but suffered from a massive muzzle blast which frequently gave away the firer's position. (Colourised by Doug)

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