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anime couple anime romantic art - This like a picture of Haru and Shizuru from My Little Monster.... ♥♥

Histoire sans titre - Chapitre 6

#wattpad #fanfiction Océane revient chez les Sakamaki après des mois d'absence. Comment cela va-t-il se passer ? Que se passera-t-il ensuite ? Pour le savoir je vous invite à la lire cette Fiction. Attention le manga "Diabolik Lovers" n'est pas de moi mais l'histoire est, elle, entièrement faite de mes mains et de mon...

Subaru and Yui from Diabolik Lovers. Although I'm not crazy about the anime, I think Subaru is my favorite out of all the vampires. I wanted her face to be hidden, it's from otome game after all~

Note that this takes place sometime after the Mukami bombing the limo scene in Diabolik Lovers More Blood. Description from I searched for this on

Orion is the Heroine spiritual friend after nocking into her by accident causing her to lose her memories he sticks by her until she finally gets her memories back ( basically their best friends )

Fanfic After Midnight - Interativa - Capítulo 1 - Fanfiction de Diabolik Lovers escrita por Usami- - Spirit Fanfics

Yui Komori from Diabolik Lovers, after her father moved abroad, she is forced to live in a mansion with six mysterious vampires.

Hehe, I see now. You want a reason for you being born. Therefore, you strongly wish to be my doll. Isn't that right? You can be my doll so that I can devour every blood cell in your body. And after that…you can be a trash that lost the reason to live… Don’t you reckon that’s a unmeaningful thing to you? Ahaha, so you’re going to shut up yet again… Are you that happy? To become my doll and have your blood sucked. Then…let me suck your blood according to your wishes. Come on…

The day after yesterday: during the nighttime: Ayato and Yui went over to Yui's house at seven at night: Ayato is being very mischevious towards Yui.