Ultimate use of space- overhead!

Ceiling drawers swing down from rafters. Pivot on bolts. Could swing down to be available while working, out of the way when done working. Need to map out strategy in garage for integrating lighting, above-rafter storage, in-rafter or hanging storage.

hidden vanity drawers What a great idea !!!

Garage overhead storage...

Unter einer Plattform kannst du lauter Kram verstauen und verlierst trotzdem…

Firewood Storage- thinking I can repurpose some of those pallets

stairs with drawers

Ils arrivent – en pointillés certes – mais ils arrivent quand-même les beaux jours ! Et avec eux, un futur chez moi doté d’un mini balcon. Tout riquiqui hein le balconnet, vraimen…

Pull-out pegboard storage. http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/24/d5/7e/24d57e0a9fb74f833d2ace69b65eef9c.jpg

Ultimate Tool Storage Cabinets

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