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Blue flame of divine light - AA Michael

I am grateful for the opportunity to be present on this wonderful Earth at such a pivotal time of humanities awakening. I am grateful to be blessed with a heart to love, eyes to truly see, and a mind to perceive the magic and beauty that encapsulates not only our divine being but our divine existence. I am grateful for all of us traveling together ♥

Message from Archangel Michael: Shield Your Energy

Notre ange gardien existe : écoutons-nous ses conseils ? Pape François

VIOLET FLAME ANGEL BY WALTER BRUNEEL --- Commentary by the artist: "In this violet ray realm, the violet flame angels within the violet and silver violet spectrum stand by to assist you in transmutation of dense and issue-related energies back into universal energy that you can use here and now. Great compassion and understanding there."

In altered state of consciousness you will feel an Angel embracement & Love

A short prayer/meditation for Archangel Michael by Rebecca Rosen.