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Detail from embroidered silk satin suit, 1780s, of front opening of breeches. The complicated flaps and panels conceal a total of 6 pockets, KSUM 1983.1.22

Detail of buttons on breeches, KSUM 1983.1.22 a-c

Waistcoat, France, 1787. Yellow-green silk embroidered along the front edges with bright silk in a floral design with flowers and leaves and figurative scenes.

Interior at shoulders, KSUM 1995.68.1

Waistcoat, France 1730-1740. Burgundy cut, uncut and voided velvet (ciselé) in…

Brocaded silk face and reverse, KSUM 1995.68.1

Robe à la Française, France: ca. 1740 (Louis XV era), silk satin brocade damask.

Detail of buttons on breeches. When the buttons at the knee of the breeches are unbuttoned, the pink selvedge edge of the satin is visible. The inclusion of the selvedge indicates that the tailor used the entire width of fabric. It also makes the edge easier to finish since the selvedge will not unravel. | KSUM 1983.1.22 a-c

Zone-style striped silk & muslin dress with curled fringe, French, c. 1780s. Musée de Jouy.

Vest, 1785-1789, France, Silk twill embroidered linen. ©Photo Les Arts Décoratifs, Paris / Jean Tholance

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