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A 100-year-old hand colored collotype photo by an unknown Japanese photographer. Okinawa Soba, via Flickr

Photo of Yoshiwara courtesan Komurasaki, Taisho period. Japan.

Japan 1866-67 "Hikeshi" (Japanese fire fighter). "Fire Master" by Felice Beato

Silk production was a widespread cottage industry in Japan throughout the Edo period and many traditional Japanese farmhouses were designed with special attic rooms for raising and harvesting silkworms by women. Factory conditions in Japan were awful, much like those during the Industrial Revolution in the West. Girls were forced to work long hours in dangerous conditions in factories and dormitories surrounded by fences. Rare Photographs;c.1915-23 silver print photograph, T. Enami

Man and boy with prize-winning rabbit. Minnesota State Fair, 1926.

Ueno Hikoma, samouraï, portrait carte de visite, coll. Hubert Bidault. about 1860. One of the first photos of a samurai...