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Soul Eater, Maka and Soul /// So that's how Maka look like without the twintails... Lovely! <3

Render Soul Eater Medusa - Soul Eater - Anime and Manga - PNG ...

Maka Albarn | Photographic Print

Soul Eater - Maka Albarn

Soul Eater

Maka Albarn. Soul Eater Evans. Pretty sure I'm going out for Halloween as Maka, but I need someone to be my Soul :3

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Soul Eater

Soul Eater. That's Death the Kid on the left, and that's Maka on the right. WAIT!!!!! Where is Black Star!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?

Dossier Soul Eater - ÔKUBO Atsushi / OHKUBO Atsushi - Partie 1

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