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Newly Found Megalithic Ruins In Russia Contain The Largest Blocks Of Stone Ever Discovered

10,000 year old Yonaguni megalith (Japan). Discovered accidentally by a sport diver in 1995 off the Okinawa shore.

Sumerian Ruins, Iran

Ancient Mysteries: Puma Punku in Tiahuanaco, Bolivia

There is one more significant thing to mention regarding the ruins of Puma Punku. Not only were these stones cut somehow, but they were finely cut. The cuts on these stones are perfectly straight. The holes cored into these stones are perfect, and all of equal depth. How is it that these ancient people were able to cut stones like this?

chachapoya sarcophagi

Photo File:Gobustan ancient Azerbaycan full By Baku87 (talk)Baku87 at en.wikipedia [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons

"The reason people think they are [only] heads is there are about 150 statues buried up to the shoulders on the slope of a volcano, and these are the most famous, most beautiful and most photographed of all the Easter Island statues," Van Tilburg, who is also a fellow at the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology at the University of California, Los Angeles, told Life's Little Mysteries. "This suggested to people who had not seen photos of [other unearthed statues on the island] ...


The Kensington Runestone is a 202-pound slab of greywacke covered in runes on its face and side which, if genuine, would suggest that Scandinavian explorers reached the middle of North America in the 14th century. It was found in 1898 in the largely rural township of Solem, Douglas County, Minnesota, and named after the nearest settlement, Kensington.