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These 66 Business Cards Are So Brilliant You Can't Help But Keep Them. But #17, That's Just Wrong.

An empty picture frame business card

stylo photography business cards for

Inspiration graphique #4 : Les cartes de visite originales et créatives

3d cards are awesome I really like this design it communicates that the persons job is one that involves dedication this is because of the time and effort the person has gone to to create such detailed structure in Architecture.

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Cookware Business Cards 1613053 양지희: 굳이 글자로 요리와 관련있다고 쓰지않아도 알수있게 요리도구들로 모양을 내었는데 표현성과 디자인성 모두 좋은것같다.

Print : Badcass - Design : Bullit - Carte de voeux en letterpress…

Business card by Beata Faron This gives me a great idea to make a pop-up business card.

40 cartes de visite originales et surprenantes pour votre inspiration - graphisme

Check out this super cute business card and stand out at your next networking event!