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Miss Chukulisa, Gabbra tribe - Kenya by Eric Lafforgue, via Flickr

Portrait Of A Rendille Tribeswoman, Marsabit District, Ngurunit, Kenya © Eric Lafforgue

Yemen | Eric Lafforgue Photography

Africa | Chalbi desert - Rendille people. The Rendille tribe inhabits the arid region of northern Kenya | ©Rita Wilaert

Eric LAFFORGUE | Photography | kenya

El Molo tribe woman in Turkana lake - Kenya Layeni village, Turkana lake, north Kenya The El-Molo are the smallest ethnic group in Kenya, numbering about 300 people. They originally settled in the north of Lake Turkana but were forced by the other tribes to move south to the small islands. There are now gathered into two villages, Anderi and Illah, respectively 150 and 70 inhabitants. The Samburu name for El molo means "the people who eat fish". As a matter of fact, the El-Molo's life…

Eritrea | Eric Lafforgue Photography

Africa | Rendille Warrior, Northern Kenya | © Jeremy Curl

Libya | Eric Lafforgue Photography

All over the world, Kenya continues to be renown for their hospitality, and the local people are extremely helpful and courteous and gladly welcome foreigners who come to visit their country. Kenya is by far the most visited destination along Eastern Africa, and remains a magnet for visitors because of the exquisite quality of its wildlife and beaches.