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Bertalan Farkas, Hungary's first astronaut. 1980.

Michael Curtiz Hollywood film director ,best known for Casablanca, was born in Hungary

Stone Bridge - Budapest, Hungary

Sissi [Elisabeth] Empress of Austria-Hungary, wife of Emperor Franz Joseph, whom she married in 1854, and mother of crown prince Rudolph. The emperor chose Sissi rather than her older sister Helene, to whom we he had been promised. She perhaps never really conformed to court life, and spent more time away from court as time passed, including a lot of time in Hungary, which she loved passionately. She died from wounds after an assassination attempt by an anarchist in 1898.

Erőss Zsolt- he was born in Erdély ( transylvania ) the most successful Hungarian mountaineer, he is also the first Hungarian to have climbed Mount Everest

The Holy Crown of Hungary, known as such since 1265, weighs a little over 2kg is oval and quite a bit larger than a man's head. It can be seen on display at the Hungarian Parliament Building.

Vintage Hungarian English Dictionary 1972 edition of by JVoyage

Parisienne Buissonnière: Budapest, Art Nouveau

in 1823, Ferenc Kölcsey wrote the text that later became the national anthemof Hungary. More info about the anthem...

Staircase, Budapest, Hungary A travel board about Budapest Hungary. Includes things to do in Budapest, Budapest nightlife, Budapest food, Budapest tips and much more about what to do in Budapest. -- Have a look at http://www.travelerguides.net

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