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Late Night Hat Check. Saturday Evening Post, April 13, 1957 (Constantin Alajalov)
The New Yorker Cover 26 Les couvertures du magazine The New Yorker  featured design art
"Fall Gab Session" From November 7, 1953 - Constantin Alajalov
The New Yorker - Saturday, June 20, 1942 - Issue # 905 - Vol. 18 - N° 18 - Cover  by Constantin Alajalov
4/8/1950: New Hat : Saturday Evening Post Cover
“Sunday Paper”– February 21, 1948
Constantin Alajalov Christmas Store New Yorker Cover (December1949) Back in the day, stores actually gave you boxes that were boxes and you didn't have to line up in some obscure corner of the store to get them either.
Diner Engagement, July 15, 1950 Giclee Print by Constantin Alajalov

"Diner Engagement", July 15, 1950