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From The Face of Our Past: Images of Black Women from Colonial America to Present. Editors Kathleen Thompson and Hillary Mae Austin (1999) page 46. Aunt Ca'ine carding fiber, most likely cotton, on the Rosemary Plantation.

Shetland museum. Absolutely wonderful clothes, the upper body garment looking remarkably like an 18th c. bed gown.

costume régionale auvergnate de Royat

Woman spinning yarn in Copenhagen, ca. 1900

Fileuses (Morbihan) - France

PIETER PIETERSZ. ANTWERP 1540 - 1603 AMSTERDAM DE GORTENTELLER, A DUTCH PROVERB OF AN OLD MAN SPINNING HIS REEL inscribed upper left: Ick ben oudt ende versleten/ des moet ic haspelen soudic / eten ("I am old and worn, and I still must reel for my food").

Etude Mauresque. Femme fillant la laine. Tirage argentique d'époque. Circa 1895

Jeune fille filant au rouet

Costume du pays de Montbelliard, France.

Old Russian peasant and his job / A distaff - "pryalka" or spinning wheel - used to make threads out of the wool.