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"A german-style bastard sword with a wide and stiff blade. The blade is forged of 0,75% carbon steel. The guard and pommel have been forged to shape and left with the hammer marks showing. The grip is of wood with cord wrapping and dyed deerskin surface. The scabbard is of double layered leather and is decorated with hunting motifs."

Fauchon, storta, en partie Italie début XVIIe siècle. An Italian falchion,

Scabbard and sword of a Constable of France . Hacia1475-1500 . Long. 1.2 m .; Anch . in the guard 25 cm . Paris , Musee de l' Armee, Inv . J No. 26. Originally , under the Merovingian and Carolingian , the Counts

De krijgers van de 6de orde gebruiken zelfgemaakte zwaarden -

Type XIV, Probably from the mid-14th century, but maybe as old as 1308. Engraved and inlaid in gold wire, the blade bears the inscription "Nulla de Vertutibus tuis major clementia est" - None of your virtues is greater than clemency" the pommel contains a cabochon crystal, covering a small piece of fabric.

I can see Ruarc carrying this sword (Ateliers Nemesis Eldar sword)

Prince of Persia sword and scabbard.

à partir de Antoine Marçal

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