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Explorez 1000 Chiens, Viande Canine et plus encore !

Cet homme a libéré et sauvé 1000 chiens du festival de la viande canine de Yulin en Chine ! - Dailymotion SA

British Longhair Cat

Le tigre de Tasmanie

Tigre de Tasmanie Le tigre de Tasmanie

The chapter ends with Huck climbing through his bedroom window dog tired and very muddy. Description from I searched for this on

Cat Tails - or should it be 'tales' ? They sure know how to create amusing stories to entertain us!

Une aspirine par jour...

Friends Dont Dump Friends at a Shelter. Dont betray your pets trust and break its heart. Crowded shelters cannot get all animals adopted. They need space for 1000s more. This coule be BAD NEWS for your pet! If you cant keep your pet find a safe lovig home with family friends or a rescue group. Its not easy. But its the RIGHT thing to do. -photo credit to the owner #dogs #cats

This makes me feel less covered in sand and dog slobber, just by looking at it.